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Concrete pavers are a great option because they are durable, slip resistant and can provide the look of natural stone.  They come in a wide range of colors, shapes, styles, size and texture.  You can use concrete pavers for many different projects such as patios, paths, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, raised seat walls, pillars, planter boxes, stairs and more.  When you compare to a wood deck, concrete pavers offer numerous advantages.  They aren't vulnerable to wood rot, splintering, weather, concrete pavers don't require regular maintenance with wood stains, sealers, and can last for decades. 

Waterscape features bring a wide range of benefits.  Weather a residential or commercial location a water feature can accentuate existing landscaping, add soothing sounds, visual appeal and adding to your property value.  You can add a waterfall, fountain, koi pond or stream around your deck, patio, walking path and business entrance adding curb appeal.  Water gardens also add a unique look using water plants like lotus, water lilies, iris, reeds, rushes, tiger flowers and provide a great focal point to your outdoor living area or business.

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Benefits of having a retaining wall

If your experiencing water drainage problems around your property, adding drain tile to your problematic area is the solution your looking for.  For example, down spouts are a necessity for all homes & buildings, but their use can cause large amounts of water to be collected in a small areas, usually along or around foundation.  By connecting down spouts to a drainage system, the water can be re-located to a more suitable area for drainage or a re-distribution of water to be absorbed back into the lawn.  Grading is a big factor into drainage issues around foundations.  If the ground along your home or building is level or even worse sloping toward your foundation, your risk of having major issues due to improper drainage jumps exponentially.  There are numerous drain tile applications to resolve any issues you may have.  Swale and Culverts channel water away from one area and to another.  French Drains are a multi-functional system that can drain water away from certain areas and re-locate water to suitable areas.  A French drain is usually a gravel filled trench with corrugated pipe in the center pitched 1 degree or more.  Dry Creek Beds are a way to control water run-off in highly visible areas while adding natural beauty to the landscaping. 

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Retaining walls are made from numerous types of stone, brick, concrete and wood. There are an infinite number of ways to install/arrange them. Here are a few benefits in having a retaining wall installed.


They are very beneficial when it comes to erosion protection. Over time, water, wind, and sun will cause your soil to shift, settle, wash out and possibly kill plants and grass.  Retaining walls help prevent soil from washing out, flooding and damage to surrounding structures.


Many home improvements will increase the overall value of your home, and a retaining wall is no exception. A retaining wall adds versatility to the space around your house.


Retaining walls are extremely low maintenance. They are meant to stand up to harsh weather conditions, so they rarely, if ever require repair. A wall can withstand tons of weight and when built correctly, a retaining wall can hold back earth or water for decades without any problems or maintenance.  Walls can provide structural slope retention from 50-70 degrees. 


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